Due to lack in best in-class facilities, critical care like this is not available for all

Democratizing Critical Care.

Access to critical in low resource environments will make lives easier

Due to COVID-19, ventilators were the need of the hour.

COVID-19 patients resting outside a hospital due to shortage of beds.

People were arriving to metropolitan cities for better critical care.

Although beds were available, lack of sufficient care to patients was a concern due to lack of expert doctors.

Making Critical Care accessible to all became a necessity.


Within the limited time frame we had to make an ICU grade portable ventilator for low resource environments so that people especially in rural areas will not be required to travel all over to a metropolitan city to receive treatment.


We created a Portable Emergency Ventilator which can be operated remotely by an expert doctor sitting in a metropolitan city and also patient can travel with the ventilator anywhere and anytime.

My Role

I worked as a Product Design Engineer and I was involved in designing the peumatic circuit, selection of required components, componenet integration and industrial design.

My Key Innovations

Rapid Prototyping

We were able to build a beta prototype within just two and a half months.

Remote Access

Remote accessibility helps doctors to monitor and treat patients from anywhere and anytime.

Redundant Power Safety

This enables unninterrupted operation of the ventilator especially in low resource environments.


Vision for Future Healthcare