Give What They Want!

Not What You Want!

Experienced Design VS Experience Design

Replicating The Experienced

Experienced Design

Experienced design is a product or service that is already existing in the market. Experienced design is a market driven approach where companies simply replicate an existing products design and sell them with improved performance. These designs do not have anything new for the people to experience.

Experience Design

Experience design is a human centred approach of designing products. Experience design gives new meanings to products that disrupt the market. The process of experience design involves understanding the way people experience with the product by using the product first-hand during prototype stages. Designers and engineers get a chance to experience and learn on the job, which is not possible with experienced design.

This is a teach pendant of a collaborative robot used to teach, control, and monitor robots. We have designed this teach pendant considering people who use both their left and right hands. This teach pendant was designed in such a way that the robot operator can hold the teach pendant like a baby in his/her arms in order to mitigate pain in the forearm by holding it for long hours.