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The Concept of e-Bike

An e-bike is a battery powered pedal assist bicycle which can reach a maximum speed of 45 kmph and a maximum torque of 80 N.m.

A rechargeable and replaceable battery with a range of 80km will be provided as a source of power. The battery can be fully charged in 2hrs.

Market Research & Analysis

Design Research

Trend in European Union

Used to commute to office, college, school, etc.

E-bike became a substitute for a car

Adventure lovers seek to go mountain biking, trekking, and off-road racing on weekends

Trend in America's

Most of the people use a bicycle for fitness or as an exercise equipment

People consider e-bike as a recreational activity and the baby boomers love the e-bike

Trend in Asia

E-bike emerged to be a family vehicle for most of the China

The Chinese recognised the advantages of the small size of the e-bike to avoid traffic, parking, and many more

China has evolved to be a major market for bike sharing systems

Trend in India

Online grocery store using e-bikes for last mile deliveries

Youth in India are becoming environment conscious and are more open to products like e-bikes.

Competition Study

How it Works

Calculation & Analysis

Calculated Power Required in three steps:

1. Power to move uphill

2. Power to overcome wind resistance

3. Power to overcome rolling resistance

Assumptions Made

1. Rear wheel diameter = 1.2 meters

2. The uphill splope gradient = 20 degrees

3. Bicycle velocity while uphill travel = 15 km/hr

4. Maximum velocity of bicycle = 25 km/hr

5. Weight of bicycle & rider = 120kgs


BLDC Motor is assembled in such a way that torque from motor is transmitted through Belt-Drive system


BLDC Motor is assembled to the input shaft by adhesive bonding

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